Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Relay's Reverse Logistics

   Relay Express provides next-generation returns and recycling management solutions with a one stop, technology enabled, comprehensive Reverse Logistics. We help our customers conserve or return value and valuable resources across PAN India and throughout the whole product life cycle.

   Relay provides end-to-end data visibility of the returned products from point of origin to its final disposition. Relay’s single goal is to help companies make their reverse logistics process a competitive advantage allowing them to focus on their core competency of delighting customers through world class products.

Why Relay's Reverse Logistics?

   Relay provides optimize customer satisfaction and profitability by using 3PL service that offers an efficient, streamlined reverse logistics process.

  • Improving customer return experience by over 100% leading to increased sales.
  • Reducing returns management costs by up to 25% leading to increased margins.
  • Providing business intelligence services for better decision making leading to up to 10% increased productivity
  • Providing a trusted, organized partner to manage electronic waste.
  • Repackaging / Restocking for future order fulfillment or resale.

What we do & The benefits of using Relay as a 3PL service provider?

   It’s our responsibility to shorten the link from return origination to the time of resell. By following returns management best practices, retailers can achieve a returns process that addresses both the operational and customer retention issues associated with merchandise returns.
   Our returns services ensure a professional collection and safe handling of your recyclables on an international scale. A business strategy aimed at retaining customers by bundling even more coordination of a company's services data together to achieve greater efficiency in its operations.

Reverse Logistics Process

   If the product is defective, the customer would return the product. Reverse logistics include all business operations involved in processing product returns including transportation, inventory management, repair, re-packaging and re-distribution. The product would travel in reverse through the supply chain network in order to retain any use from the defective product. The efficiency of a business’s reverse logistics operation can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and overall profitability.